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"No tea parties! No tea parties! Someone might get hurt...."

ReN & STimPy QUoTEs
"you look like someone who could really use some rubber nipples."

"Hmmmm, no i dont think i need any rubber nipples....but do you have any rubber walrus holders?"
"Caaaaallll thhe ppooolliicccee!"

"And so, the littlest giants heart was filled with blood!"

"What are we having?"
"Space cabage!"
"Is it stinky?"
"Just how yoou like it!"

"Im hiding in the cloooseet like an iidddiioott!"


"Are we clinging tenacioucly to my buttocks?"
I Took Testiess!
"Ladies and gentlemen, You love him, youve loved him, theres a period where you hate him but dont want to hurt him so you still like him and you want to bear his child and live with him in the woods!"

take this quiz to see what character or personality you're most like!
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If I were a

I would be:


take the Living Dead Dolls Test

"Bad guy falls in poop! This is time where we all throw our heads back and laugh. Ready? 1..2.3... AHAHHAHAHHAA"

"I guess I'm just saying, the angle of my dangle, is different from the heat of my meat."

"first decree as king....legilize marijauna second decree....no more pollution or ocean dumpage...from now one we'll travel in tubes.....get the scientist working on the tube technology at once chop chop....thrid decree....no more rich people and poor people from now on we will all be the same...uhh hold on i gotta think about that one....WHOA the red phone is flashing let me scoop that up...hello two kings...uh huh uh huh....what no no fuckin way there a potato famine in idaho but i'll be back!!!!"

"now thats what love looks like...a girl and a guy and a bottle of beer on the street.."

"3:00! Just in time for chopper dave!"

"Dude! Check me out! Im like an otter! A sexy little otter..."

oh! oh! guess what? I tried out for drama today*sexy wink* i hadda do a dialoge scene amnd i picked one from cabaret and here it is, ya bastards! oh, and im sally:D
Brian: I suppose Max Rineheart did show up at the club. Or was it a friend of a friend of a friend of an assistant director who said he'd squeeze you into the chorus line...that is...if you, of course, if you slept with him...
Sally: You think that?
Brian: Yes.
Sally: Well its just as well then. For you, for everyone. Now darling, would you be an angel and let me get some sleep?
Brian: Tell me why you did it.
Sally: What is there to say? You've said it all one way or another.
Brian: Oh Sally, please, I have to know.
Sally: Okay. I'm self centered, inconsiderate, and what was the third adjective? Oh yes, I have this infantile fantasy that one day I'll amount to something as an actress. Oh Brian, a dinky little cottage in Kanebridge? Play pen in the bed room, diapers on the towel rack. How long would it be before we started hating each other? How long would it be before I started dashing out and disgracing my self at the nearest pub?! How soon would it be before you....
Brian: Sally..? Go on, say it. You might as well, now...
Sally: Forget it. Just forget it...
Brian: I see...
Sally: Bri-Brian! I really do love you!
Brian: Yes, yes...I think you do love me...You alright? Is there anything I could do for you?
Sally: I think I'll just sleep a while.
TA DA!!!!!!!! i kick ass!:D well, ima jet tOoDLES!!!!!!
"Anything for you, magical fat faced talking pinata!"
~sea lab2021 KICKS ASS!:D~
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