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rubykat's Journal

25 February
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Hmmm, okay, lets begin with im a slinkster glitter luvin ass pinchin lil wanka! And i love it, baybee cheeks! And ive got some words of advice to everyone out there in...woRld Land!
>"Just cuz you put kittens in the oven dont make em buiscuts!!"
>"DONT BE STINGY!!!!!!! Share your tissues!"
>"The only way to a sucessful life, is to share your Animal crackers...while being naked...."
>"if you dont come up with 2,000 dollars in the next 24 hours youll go to jail for....8 million years..."
>"the moose and Dr, Suese went with the goose to the caboose"
>"The world is my toaster...."
Its the truth, babiez...tis the truth! You best belive it, hunny dumpLinS! Uh, you could find out the rest about the swanky~licious pesky chicka known as mOi on mah live journal...thang:D~ See ya there, candy coated chesnuts!
1920s, acting, alice in wonderland, art, art museums, banana curls, battle angel alita, being a dumbass, being a star!, being photographed, betty boop, big puffy 1950s&40s dresses, black&white pixxx, blenders, blowing bubbles, bowler hats, boys, breaking things, bubble baths, buttons, buying stuff, calvin&hobbes, canadia accents:d, candy, cat eye sunglasses, cat in the hat, cheese, chillin, chocolate chip ices, chocolate malts, chuck palaniuk, clouds, coconuts, collages, colors, curious george, daisys, dana carvey, dancin on the ceiling!, dancing, debating, dr. suess, dragons, drawing, drew barrymoore, dying mah hair, edward norton, fairy dust, feet, ferris wheels, fishnets, flappers, flixxx, fuzzy vintage jackets, ghosts, glitter, glow in the dark, grape bubble gum, green, haunted houses, hearts, hollywood, hot cocoa, iced tea, james dean, judy garland, kats, kermit, kittens, laughing, leopard prints, lesie nealsen, letter blocks, life, lipgloss, lips, liquid eyeliner, liza minelli, making clothes, marilyn monroe, marshmellows, mascara, mermaids, musica, my backpack, my little pony, my shoes, my tits, my zine nostalgia, new york citay babiez!!, nipples, painting, panthers, paranormal~ness, pat the bunny, patches, peacocks, pegasus, pink, pins, pjs, playing with makeup, poems, polka dots, postcards, presents, purple, purring, queer as folk, rain, rainbow brite, rainbows, rated r, red buttons, red nail polished toesies, ren and stimpy, rine stones, running around naked, seedless watermellons, shiney things, six feet under, sleeping, smooches, snl, socks, sparkly tiaras, spiders, sponge bob, spumco, stars, strawberrys, sunflowers, swanky times, sweet smells, taking pixxx, tea, the critic, the daily show, the moon, the sun, the village, thrift stores, tom green, undressed kissies, unicorns, unsolved mysteries, useless junk, vintage 1950s clothes, watching the tube, xxx